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What Is Diabetes | Causes, Symptoms & Medication

What Is Diabetes | Causes, Symptoms & Medication

Jan 27, 2023

What is Diabetes? You guys must heard about this term but maybe you do not know about it in detail. Let's study Diabetes to know more. Diabetes is the most common health disease among adults nowadays. Approx 10 -12% population on the world wide level are suffering from Diabetes. I am going to explain what exactly happens in Diabetes. When you eat food or anything it increases the sugar or also called glucose level in the blood. Sugar is good for our health because it gives us the energy to do work. A hormone called insulin made sugar or glucose reach your body cells and provides energy.

But in special circumstances, the insulin hormone does not perform its task. As a result, the sugar in the blood remains there and its level becomes increases. Over time it causes serious health problems.

If the level of Diabetes increases too much or else it decreases too much, then in both cases, the health of the patient is at risk. Both these conditions are considered fatal. Diabetes if ignored for a long time can lead to serious health issues such as neuro problems, blindness, foot pain, and kidney and heart diseases. A report shows almost 500 million people are diabetic worldwide.

 In this blog we will explain everything about Diabetes, so keep going on with the blog.

Types Of Diabetes:-

There are 4 types of Diabetes. These are Type 1, Type 2, pre-Diabetes and Gestational Diabetes:

What Is Diabetes Type 1:- 

This type of Diabetes is also called “insulin-dependent Diabetes’ because in this body it harms itself. A hormone called insulin becomes so low in the body that the sugar in the blood cannot be used by the cells. That is why patients of type 1 Diabetes need to take insulin on a regular basis.

What Is Diabetes Type 2:-

This is the most popular Diabetes affecting a large scale of people. It is common among middle-aged people. In this, your body becomes resistant to insulin production. This happens in those people who are much habituated to eating sugar. 

Pre-Diabetes: Symptoms & Causes:-

This is the pre-stage or condition of type 2 Diabetes. In this, your blood sugar level becomes high compared to your normal sugar level. 

Gestational Diabetes:-

This type of Diabetes mostly affects pregnant women because their insulin level becomes lower during pregnancy and cannot use the sugar available in the blood. Pregnancy is the main cause of gestational Diabetes. In most cases, gestational Diabetes cures itself after delivery. But if not, it can take the form of type 2 Diabetes. These all are the types of Diabetes mellitus.


Main Cause Of Diabetes:-

Since there is no one to fix the cause of Diabetes now. Many conditions and diets can cause Diabetes, but there is one major cause that contributes most to Diabetes and that is our diet. Following is the list of foods and our habits that can contribute to Diabetes:

If we are too habitual to eat oily and junk food, there is a chance to have Diabetes. 

Excess body weight and obesity. If our body is over, your body will become more resistant to insulin production. It means your blood sugar level will go high.

Lack of physical activity. If you are one among the people who neglect exercise and physical activity. Be aware you can be the next Diabetes patient.

High blood sugar levels also cause Diabetes because the sugar in the blood cannot be used by cells. As a result, it remains in the blood for a longer time which causes indigestion, resulting in obesity.

Low production of insulin means the glucose in the blood cannot be utilized by the cells and also causes Diabetes.

Genes and family are also causing Diabetes because if our ancestors had obesity and the problem of being overweight, then there is a high chance that you may have Diabetes.


Diabetes Symptoms:- 

Following are the  warning signs of Diabetes that you may have:

  • Increased thirst and urination
  • Increased hunger
  • Low clear visibility
  • Weight reduction
  • Feeling of tiredness
  • Weakness

Diabetes Treatment / How To Prevent Diabetes? :-

If we talk about medication for Diabetes, it mainly not includes only medication but diet, physical exercise, and yoga also. No single medicine can cure Diabetes completely. Diabetes treatment needs some type of yoga practice and changes in the diet as well. 


Diet For Diabetes:- 

  • First of all, you need to avoid junk food, and excess sugar in your tea and in coffee. The reason is all these sugary foods, drinks and junk food will increase the blood sugar level in your body which can result in serious health damage. 
  • Your diet must have more fruits and vegetables. Drink fruit juices in place of sugary drinks because fruits have natural sugar.
  • Replace white sugar with jaggery and stevia.
  • Break your meal schedule into small parts. 
  • Add a few bitter fruits to your diet like amla and aloe vera.


Yoga And Exercise For Diabetes:-

It is necessary to do some yogasans and exercise daily to cure diabetes. You can do famous yoga poses and physical workouts like:

  • Pranayam
  • Breathing practices
  • Surya Namaskar
  • Halasana
  • Sarvangasana
  • Vajrasana
  • Kapalbhati



Diabetes Care Device:- 

These devices are must have for a diabetic patient:- 
Glucometer aid to monitor and control blood glucose levels. It works as an emergency device to measure your blood sugar level in the absence of a doctor. Glucometer takes very small blood to measure and generally takes a few seconds to show the result. 

Insulin Pen    
Diabetic patients use insulin pen to inject insulin. It is very small and light weighted machinery. It is easy to use. It is a portable device and it becomes necessary for Diabetes patients who want to take insulin. There are available different types of brands and models of insulin pens.

Injection Pen
You can know as a medication pen too. Injection pen can use for injecting medication into your body. An injection pen is very easy to use Mostly it uses to take insulin and glucose injections. They are portable, easy to storable, painless and more convenient. You can find combined with a vial and syringe this way you can take easier manage of doses more. 


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