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Kidney Stones : Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Kidney Stones : Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Feb 14, 2023

Until you experienced a phenomenon called Kidney Stone, you probably never knew what a 2 mm object could do to you and how much it can be painful. If you haven’t come across ‘Kidney Stone’ yet or have come across it only once – then you need to know a bit more about ‘Kidney Stone’.

Keep reading this blog to know everything about Kidney stones, their symptoms, causes and Kidney Stones treatment.

What Is Kidney Stone:-

Kidney Stones are small deposits that form in the uterus and bladder. These deposits hinder the flow of bodily toxins. The size of kidney stones may increase from small to large if not treated timely. The size of stones may of a grain of a golf ball.

While small Kidney Stones can be flushed out of the body with regular exercise, a healthy diet and herbal treatment. On the other side, large stone requires costly and painful surgeries. 

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Signs Of Kidney Stones:-

Following are Kidney Stones symptoms in women as well as in men that can be recognized at the starting stage:

  • You can feel extreme pain in your abdominal area that may spread to the back.

  • A burning sensation can be felt while passing urine.

  • The colour of the urine may change due to blood in the urine.

  • You can feel the inability to pass urine.

  • Vomiting and nausea

  • Frequently urinating

Kidney Stones Causes:-

Kidney Stones have not one cause, several factors contribute to them. These factors are given as:

Lack Of Water:

It is essential to produce enough urine to flush out the substances that could become stones. In the event that you do not drink sufficiently, or sweat excessively your pee might appear dark. It should appear transparent or pale yellow.

Personal Or Family Background:

 If someone in your family has suffered from Kidney Stones then you're more likely to develop them too. If you've had one or more kidney stones, you're at greater risk of developing a second.


It's nearly two times more likely to experience Kidney Stones if you are overweight. This is when yours BMI is at or above 30.

Food Cause Kidney Stones:-

Eating food, which is high in protein and salt as well as sugar could increase the risk of certain kinds of renal stones. This is particularly true for the high-sodium diet. The excess salt you consume in your diet will increase your calcium intake that your kidneys have to filter and also increases the risk of developing Kidney Stones.

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How To Prevent Kidney Stones:- 


If you have been diagnosed with Kidney Stones then now it becomes important to recognize the main causes of kidney stones and some precautions to follow:

  • The very first is, you have to drink more water. The reason is water keeps you hydrating and helps you to flush out all the toxins through urine.

  • Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet.

  • Avoid high-fat dairy products and fast food.

  • Avoid smoking and alcohol.

  • Reduce the intake of sugary drinks like tea, cold drinks, coffee, milkshakes, etc.

  • Practice yoga and exercise on the daily basis.

  • Be patient and confident towards treatment.

How Do You Clear Up Kidney Stones?

Most people do prefer ayurvedic and herbal treatments for these kinds of diseases because these treatments are less costly and painful.  Include the below-mentioned foods in your diet:

  • Eat sugarcane or drink sugarcane juice on the regular basis. It will help small Kidney Stones to flush out.

  • Eat watermelon because it has a lot of water that will help your body to release toxins.

  • Add amla to your diet because it has Vitamin C that helps in detoxification. It breaks down Kidney Stones and helps to flush them out of the body.

  • Along with home remedies for Kidney Stones, you can also use medical therapy after consulting with a doctor.

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