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what is cancer ? Types of cancer causes, Symptoms  medication

what is cancer ? Types of cancer causes, Symptoms medication

Mar 16, 2023


Cancer is a heartbreaking disease that everyone is afraid of. Its cure has not yet been found. Doctors are still looking for a cure to eliminate it from the root, but doctors have tried so much that if cancer is detected at the right time, it can save a person's life.

Guys, we want to tell you about cancer. "What is cancer"? You must know about it.

What is cancer?

The human body is made up of innumerable cells, and these cells are constantly being renewed. It is a process over which the body has complete control. But sometimes, when the control of the body over the cells of a particular part of the body deteriorates, the cells start growing on their own in an abnormal way, and that process is called cancer.

Most people think that only tumours are cancer, but there is no tumour in blood cancer. However, not every tumour is cancer. Cancer can evolve in any part of the body. Generally, it increases in the surrounding tissues. 


How does cancer start?

Cancer starts when there is a change in the genes of the cells in the human body. There can be other reasons for this, such as eating intoxicants like gutka-tobacco, all types of drugs or exposure to ultraviolet rays or radiation etc, which can be the main reason for this.

Only after the onset of cancer, cancer starts destroying the cells of the immune system. Many people who have a good immune system can tolerate cancer cells. But sometimes the immune system is unable to tolerate cancer cells and the person develops an incurable disease like cancer.

As cancer cells continue to grow in the body, they start emerging in the form of a tumour i.e.


Type of Cancer

Let us know what the types of cancer are.

  • Blood cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Skin cancer
  • Brain cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Throat cancer
  • Cervical cancer
  • Colon Cancer
  • Ovarian Cancer

Now we will talk about that cancer which has affected most people.

The most common types of blood cancer are leukaemia and myeloma.

Blood cancer:

Blood cancer is the fastest-growing cancer among people. In this type of cancer, cancer starts to develop in the blood cells of the person's body, and due to this, there is a lack of blood in the body, and cancer starts to infect the body very fast.

Lung cancer:

In lung cancer, the person's condition becomes very pitiful and bad. In this cancer, difficulty in breathing, problems with sputum accumulation, immense pain in bones and joints, and a loss of appetite are its main symptoms. Smoking is the main reason for the increase in lung cancer.

Skin cancer:

Out of all cancer diseases, skin cancer has also come to the fore very quickly. Doctors say that skin cancer develops in the body due to excessive heat, not eating a proper diet, and zero physical activity. Skin cancer has made many people its victims.

Brain cancer:

Brain cancer is also called a brain tumour. Brain cancer grows in a person's head. In this cancer, a lump is formed in the brain of the patient, and this lump starts getting bigger and gradually spreads to the whole brain.

Breast cancer:

Breast cancer occurs especially in women. In this cancer, a kind of lump starts forming in the breast of women which gradually increases with time.

Throat cancer:

Throat cancer is an uncommon condition compared to other cancers. This cancer is more common in men than in women. Heaviness in the voice and pain in the throat are signs of throat cancer.


Symptoms of Cancer

As cancers are different, similarly, the symptoms of all cancers are also different from each other. Everyone should be aware of the signs and symptoms of cancer so that treatment can be started in time. Some common symptoms of cancer are as follows:

  • Lump formation: If any kind of lump is seen in the skin, then it could possibly be a symptom of cancer. Lumps are commonly found in breast cancer and in cancer found in soft tissue, testicles, and lymph nodes.


  • Weight loss: If you lose weight rapidly without any reason, it can be one of the first signs of cancer. You can see the problem of weight loss in those suffering from pancreas cancer, stomach cancer, or lung cancer.


  • Skin changes: If there is a change in the colour and shape of moles or warts on any part of the body, The skin's colour changes automatically in cancer patients. The colour of the skin can also be red, black, or yellow. And if any of your wounds are taking a long time to heal, if so, have the doctor get you tested soon.


  • Fatigue and acute pain: Most back pain is a sign of colorectal, pancreatic, or ovarian cancer. And severe bone pain can be an early symptom of bone or testicular cancer. Fatigue is felt more when there is leukaemia or colon cancer.


  • Difficulty in bowel movements and bladder function: Blood in the stool, constipation, and diarrhoea can be signs of colorectal cancer. Pain and bleeding while urinating can be early symptoms of bladder cancer and prostate cancer.


What are the causes of cancer?

As you must know, there are DNA and genes inside our cells. These genes only instruct the cells that how to grow, how to work, and how many parts to divide. I mean to say that in our cells, DNA mutation causes cancer.

The main cause of cancer is smoking, chewing tobacco and consuming other intoxicants which are found more in men.

Also, Obesity, lack of exercise, chronic inflammation, chemicals, and hormones are the main causes of cancer.

Diagnosis of cancer

Although it is difficult to get diagnosed with cancer, if it is detected in its initial stage, it can be treated easily.

In some types of cancer, due to timely recognition, doctors have saved people's lives.


So much progress has been made in the medical field that many treatments for cancer are available today.

Together with your doctor, you can choose the best one for yourself by gathering complete information about the advantages and disadvantages of different methods for the treatment of cancer.

Doctors give many treatments that help the cancer patient lead a normal life again. That treatment is in such a way as primary treatment, palliative treatment, and adjuvant treatment.

Primary Treatment

With primary treatment, doctors try to completely remove cancer cells from your body or eliminate cancer cells. Mostly, cancer surgery is done in primary treatment. Along with this, you can be given radiation and chemotherapy.

Palliative Treatment

This type of treatment is used to overcome the side effects of cancer treatment. Cancer can be prevented from spreading again with the help of surgery, chemotherapy, hormones, and radiation therapy. And sometimes, if there is no cure for the side effects, doctors try to remove them through medicines.

Adjuvant Treatment

This treatment is used when the cancer is completely eradicated after the primary treatment to eliminate the cancer cells through this treatment; the possibility of recurrence of cancer is eliminated followed by chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and hormone therapy.


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